Sunday, May 10, 2009

Five Things

Hanging out in the blogosphere is a meme entitled "Five Things I Love About Being a Mom." I've been meaning to sit down and write this for a couple days, and haven't gotten to it. But now, Mr. Quimby's got the girls at the park and although dinner should be ready in 40 minutes, I don't want to let this day pass without writing this.

So, here are mine, in no particular order:

1. Being a mother has allowed me to see my husband in a way I never had before. He is so selfless with his time and attention with the girls. While he certainly gave me a good bit of time and attention P.K., his devotion to our daughters leaves me awe-struck.

2. I love making my kids laugh. And they are a fantastic audience. I am a musical theater performer at heart, and the girls are my only audience. Whether it's High School Musical, Oklahoma, or Hello Dolly, they will watch, laugh, and applaud and then say the best thing, "Do it again Mommy. Do it again."

3. Mothering has allowed me to see God and God's plan working in my life in ways I never thought would happen. (If I read that last sentence on somebody else's blog, I would label them a religious nut and leave their page to read something more interesting.) But seriously. The sequence of events that led us to become pregnant the first time, and then to become pregnant with Beezus, and then to me becoming a SAHM for the first 20 months of Ramona's life, well it's a long story but I can see now that God was leading me on a path to show me the great things I could do through God's grace.

4. Mothering has allowed me to grow as a person by allowing me to see possibility in things I previously labeled as wrong. I still cringe when I think of the hard time that I gave my sister Sarah when her 1st child was a newborn. I was still pre-kids and had gone to visit and "help." She was breastfeeding her 3 week old son, and the doctor told her to try and stretch out his feedings to be 3 hours inbetween. At one point he was crying, and Sarah looked at me and said, "Shouldn't I just feed him if he's hungry?" I looked at her sternly and replied, "No, he has to get used to it. You must do what the doctor said." Of course, now we all know that Sarah was right in her mothering instincts and OF COURSE you feed a 3 week old baby when they are hungry. There are many more examples - but I try hard almost every day to remain open to the possibility and probability that there are various ways to parent and that families come in all different ways. It's a struggle - but I pledge to work on it.

5. The Milk Moms. I would never have met them had it not been for Beezus and the challenges we had getting started with breastfeeding. Each person brings their own unique strengths to our relationship as mothers of first children around the same age, and to our relationships as friends. I confess things to them I never would to anyone else. And when they validate my concerns/worries/experiences? ... Well, it lifts a burden off of my heart to know that I am not alone.

So, that's my five.


Laurie said...

I was reading and nodding in agreement to much of what you said. Regarding #4, after Zoe was born, I promised myself to try really hard to never be judgmental about a new mom trying her best. Whoa it can be tough at times! And, I'm so grateful for you and all the other milkmom's to be in my life.
Happy Mother's Day.

vickie2005 said...

I think I remember one of our first conversations while getting lunch at Grace's--I think you and Susan were worried about having a child born on the same day as Britney Spears' kid. And even while you felt that way, you emphasized not judging her for the decisions she'd made or circumstances she was in. That really stayed with me and made me want to be your friend even more!

Rachel et Natalie said...

Happy Mother's day to you too Ellen
I love your five points totally agree with you
Being a mother is the best thing which happened to me.
ps I was following the doctor's advice too but thank you MOM to give Rachel some extra milk without me realizing it

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