Friday, April 24, 2009

Round Up

There is no doubt that working SERIOUSLY cuts into my blogging time. Even though I only work three days a week, it seems to make a difference in that nap time is a little bit more frenetic now and I have less of a chance to sit down and reflect on mothering, which is the primary reason that I like blogging. Our routine is working fairly well. The grid is awesome. And I like my job. All is good.

My Lenten sacrifice was totally anti-climatic this year. It wasn't even really a sacrifice to not buy any new products since my sacrifice last year changed my life. I accidentally bought a new with tags Easter dress for Esther. I won it on e-Bay, not knowing it was new. I assumed it was used. I bought a new Easter dress for myself and a tie for David, but those were on my list of exemptions. Yep, anti-climatic to say the least.

I rocked my co-op sale. I feel so passionnately about sharing my good fortune of pulling together matching outfits with those less fortunate. And by less fortunate I don't mean the poor, I mean kids without matching outfits. I keep our most special outfits that I can't bear to part with, box up several for friends, and the rest goes to the sale. I was partially in charge of publicity and I seriously rocked it. I did presentations to each of the 7 ESL classes in the program I used to teach for, talking to roughly 100 people. I incorporated some of the environmental and economic benefits of the sale for the higher level classes. I saw 7 of the ESL students at the sale. I was beside myself with joy. At the end of the sale, total sales were up $600 from last spring sale, and that was with 3 usual sellers not selling this time. I was very pleased.

More to come...
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