Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Pitchers

You know how people say that kids hear everything, even when you're not talking to them?

It's true. Despite my obsession with my local consignment sale, I don't actually talk about it to Esther - or at least I didn't think I did.

To toot my own horn, I've done an awesome job on publicity for the sale and will be devastated if I don't see unfamiliar faces at the sale and if our total sales are not higher than last year. I'm schlepping large signs around the neighborhood, harassing other publicity committee members into putting up their flyers, and pulling stuff out of every closet, drawer, and toy box and secretly ferrying it into the basement into my "tagging" area.

About 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, Esther looks up at David and I and says, "When I get old I'm going to sell stuff at the co-op sale."

And then 2 days ago we were driving home and she points out one of the signs and says, "Look Mommy, a co-op sign."

I guess little pitchers really do have big ears.


vickie2005 said...

Hmm. I wonder what Esther would say about Gymboree. And Value Village.

Laurie said...

I hope that you kicked butt at the sale!

margaret everton said...

Just discovered your blog. I LOVE finding treasures out of thrift stores, especially for kids. It's hard to translate for someone the joy of sifting through awkward flannel shirts and finding a perfect-condition satin party dress for THREE DOLLARS for my toddler. Ah. I need not tell you.
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