Monday, March 23, 2009

Esther 3.5 - Addendum

Here's the video of Esther riding her bike from Teo. We call it the "Teo Bike."

Esther on bike - March 2009 from Ellen T on Vimeo.

You can see in the last second of the video that it looks like she's about to fall? Well, she did fall and scraped her chin pretty badly and now won't ride the bike!


vickie2005 said...

brilliant balance & coasting! I am sad that she won't get back on, but maybe...a helmet if she does? Plus elbow/knee guards?

dc604 said...

...and then sissy knocked her ass over with the wagon!!! funny thing is she went for it the other day, put her hands on the handlebar then looked at her trike and went to that. I bet she'll be on it soon, it was scary to fall off...

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