Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a little something

Since I read this recent post and was TOTALLY ragging on her in my head about how crazy she is, I though I'd share what a little stress induced OCD can do to me:

I give you...THE GRID.
The grid is taped to my kitchen cabinet and is the guide for what I need to do and when. It also tells me what time to leave the house in the morning, who goes where, and what to bring. It tells me what I'm cooking for dinner that night and how much of it I need to cook. It also tells me what chores need to be done during naptime when I just sit there and am so tired I'm not even sure where to start. See, I like to think as little as possible. And with the grid, I had to do 2-3 hours of hard core thinking over a couple days but then it significantly reduces the thinking I have to do on a daily basis.

What works for us is we have the exact same thing for dinner each night of the week. Boring? For me and Ramona, yes. For Mr. Q and Beezus, no. Also helps plan grocery store shopping.

I've used it the past two weeks since starting work, and it's awesome. I've made a couple little notes to help smooth over some transition times.

And you may have noticed that I've posted twice in one day? My parents are here visiting and Grandpa is wonderful at cleaning up after meals. He did the post lunch kitchen clean up and essentially donated an additional 30 minutes to me!


Sandy said...

Ellen, you have to do whatever it takes to manage your life...if it is the grid that works...tweak it and use it, use it, use it!! Going back to work is never easy, no matter how old your children are. And, I am SO JEALOUS of the cleaning lady coming on Friday! My love to your parents!

Laurie said...

So, what's the menu? I'd love to know what meal you can eat over and over and not get too bored of it :)

Stimey said...

I love your every week the same meal plan idea. As soon as I figure out what I want my meal plan to be, I'm going to implement that. I think it will save me a lot of money on take out.

Fiona said...

I've always looked back fondly on the time when my mum was working nightshift and my dad had each night's dinner planned out - Mon was fish and veggies; Tues was chops and veggies; Wed was meat pie or pasties and salad (my favorite night), etc. And my school lunch EVERY day was some sort lunch meat and sauce ... and my dad used to draw funny figures on the lunch bag EVERY day. No jokes, this routine went on for about 3+ years - it was how my parents coped with mum going back to work and everyone pitching in to make life work. It's one of my strongest memories of that time and I am still in awe of my parents for how they made things work. Besides, kids LOVE routines. Dad used to always mix up the veggies each week and have competitions with himself on how many different veggies he could serve in one meal - I remember his record being 7 different vegetables AND chops all on the one plate!! I remember being sooooo proud of him too!!

And guess what - I now draw funny figures on Kara's lunch box EVERY day and she loves it.

So whatever works Ellen, whatever works. And may some wonderful memories for all of you come out of this time.

Sarah - Sissy said...

I love the grid. I use one in my "travel schedule". As detailed as "Chase pick up kids this afternoon" since my flight times vary. While some may call it OCD, I would hate to think what would happen if I couldn't plan the way I do. It would cause undue stress and anxiety on myself, at first, then trickle down to everyone else. Talk about a "not fun" mom. You go Girl. And, when the girls get to be in their 20's, you can say "this is what worked for me when you were little. You can do whatever you want with your kids"
GG - short for "Go Grid".

Elaine said...

Oh dear lord, I cannot decide if this is funnier or the shoe chart you busted out with a few months ago. I think you should have a week of items like these, because I KNOW you have more! And this is just like my breakfast days of the week, but with dinner - though I couldn't do it with dinner. Too boring for me.

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