Monday, January 12, 2009

12 days of what?

Um, my 12 days of projects isn't working so well. I seem to be having trouble getting started. Here is is 2pm and while I haven't been sitting around today, I also haven't worked on anything on my list.

Also, I went to 2 thrift stores this morning (it's 25% off day) and left one of them empty handed. I KNOW - I'm scared too. I know it's because I've been silently cursing VV the past few days. Last week I picked up a Dora house in the box while Esther was with me. Of course, once I picked it up we couldn't put it back. When we got home and opened it we saw that it was an incomplete set. WITH NO DORA FIGURINE!!! Kind of a problem and so I've totally been cursing them.

I freaked myself out when coming home today after my morning of nothingness. As I put my key in the deadbolt I realized it wasn't locked. And then I tried to turn the door handle and I realized it was locked. I was 100% certain that I hadn't left the door like that. We have a little routine where Esther holds the storm door for Ruthie and I, we come out, and then I lean back in, grab the door handle, shut the door and lock the deadbolt. But the deadbolt wasn't locked. I dropped my groceries on the steps, ran away from the house, and called David to get the number for the town police department (note to self: add town police number to cell phone). They responded within 3 minutes and the Lt. went in and searched the house. He found nothing and was just so, so kind about it. I told him (repeatedly) that I was not a flake, my husband travels all the time, and that I usually keep my wits about me. It was pretty freaky to see him going in the house with his hand on his gun though.

It gave me a really good feeling about living here. While I do have some complaints about our town government and I vent frequently on our listserv about the speeders and cut through traffic, this quick response time gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.


vickie2005 said...

Ooh, I know that feeling you had when you tried yo open your door. I hope it was nothing--nothing missing, no one uninvited coming in.

Maybe the dogs have grown opposable thumbs?

dc604 said...

good that you did not doubt yourself and enter the house...stick with the intuition!

Laurie said...

This for some reason made me reflect back to your story about the fender bender in line at the McDonald's drive through. I want to hear you tell that one again :)

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