Monday, January 5, 2009

12 days of projects

And, finally, yes, I'm going back to work in a couple weeks. Not to the place where I used to work. The place that says they are pro-family but in reality are very unfriendly to working families. (Hmmm, still not over that I guess. Good Lord, how long am I going to carry that bitterness around?!?!)

No, this place is an association management company located in Bethesda. I'll be working part-time for someone whom I've known for years (and is the same age as my DAD!!!) and I'll be working with one of the associations he manages whose members manufacture a particular type of environmentally friendly commercial roofing applications. Ahem. Yes. Quite a change from my previous line of work. The hours are good, the money covers all of my related expenses (daycare, gas, parking) plus some extra for savings. It's a great entree into a new-ish field of working for associations. The downside is that I won't have a lot of interaction with other people except over the phone.

But mostly, I am terrified about how I'm going to manage it all. And I'm terrified of how to do a job I'm not passionnate about. It's been about 8 years since I've had a job that I didn't LOVE.

On the upside, since it wasn't an option to start the girls at daycare in February, they had to start today. Ruthie had a great day and I picked her up before lunch. Esther will stay through nap and starting next week they'll both be staying through nap. In theory, this gives me 12 child free days before I start my new job. Except today is pretty much gone, and Thursday I have a meeting at my new job. And I need to have a procedure done at a doctor's office at some point. So that's 9 child free days, or roughly 62 hours. And boy, oh boy, do I have plans for those days!!! I'm going to add a sidebar to keep a running tally of the projects I want to do, but thought I would explain in more detail here:
  1. Go to gym every child free day. Time needed: 18 hours.
  2. Complete sorting and tagging clothes for spring co-op sale. Time needed: 6 hours.
  3. Make baby doll sling for Esther. Time needed: 3 hours. (I've got to get out my sewing machine, yada, yada.)
  4. Move scrapbooking area upstairs and organize. Time needed: 2 hours.
  5. Sort photos. Time needed: 8 hours.
  6. Print photos. Time needed: 2 hours.
  7. Organize all photos to be crop ready by Jan. 16th. Time needed: 8 hours.
  8. Make Vickie's album. Time needed: 2 hours.
  9. Sort and throw away stuff from previous job. Time needed: 3 hours.
  10. Clean out basement. Time needed: 3 hours.
  11. Re-organize basement into rainy day play area. Time needed: 2 hours.
  12. Clean baby paraphernalia out of kitchen cabinets. Time needed: 1 hour.
  13. Clean out and organize my closet. Time needed: 2 hours.
  14. Shop at VV for new clothes. Time needed: 6 hours. (1.5 hours per week x 4 weeks, including travel time).
  15. Get haircut. Time needed: 4 hours.
    Find winter work clothes in attic. Launder, dry clean, iron. Time needed: 4 hours.
  16. Hey - I'm only up to 68 hours. Woo hoo! In that case...
  17. Read books to learn about environmentally friendly roofing materials and their affect/effect on climate change/global warming. Time needed: 8 hours.
  18. Learn again when to use affect and when to use effect. Time needed: 15 minutes.
Some of these things might seem a bit random to have in this list. For example, why do I need to have the scrapbook/photo stuff done before I go back to work? First, for me, scrapbooking is not frivolous. I'm not fancy and it's very important to both David and I that I do them to preserve our family memories. Secondly, I'm hoping that if I get organized then I could actually do a little scrapbooking for 30 minutes or so a couple times a week in the evenings instead of watching TV. Thirdly, I'm imagining that when I start working I will have no free time left at all whatsoever. Not that I have much now, so I'm not really sure why I'm catastrophizing this.

Focus on the positive, focus on the positive...

Well, I'm glad I'm not as much of a shallow materialistic person anymore at least. I feel no need to "treat" myself to new shoes, clothes, or purses for this new job. In fact, I found two suits at Value Village today (when I went to cheer myself up after taking Ruthie to daycare). Both of them are just random department store label and neither of them are particularly stylish, but they'll look good enough. That would add a lot of time to my list if I had to go shopping to the mall for new clothes.

Focus on the positive, focus on the positive...


AwwwTrouble said...

If, IF I get a job, save some time for a pedicure with me. I need some pampering of my toes, it would be fun. OR maybe a Sidecar at Palena. One or the other.

VV this Thursday?

ps. There are 3 - THREE - TVs just like yours on Craig's List today alone. Might be a hard sell.

vickie2005 said...

Um, do you need the cricut so you can work on my album? I hope to send it to you within the next ten days, but the stars have to align for me to manage, I think. (Dry weather being the most impt. factor.)

Laurie said...

As they say, nothing's permanent (well except some things). I hope the job is tolerable, and if it's not, well, there will just have to be another. Have a great 9 days of relative freedom.

dc604 said...

i would gladly take a day off to help out! any excuse to get a bit of respite from dcps will do...

Stimey said...

It's a big change. Good luck! And enjoy your child-free time. We should try to schedule some with-child time to get together before you get back to work!

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