Friday, December 26, 2008

Clutter Mama Recycles

Every once in a while I feel the urge to organize something or clean out something that seems sort of silly. Mr. Quimby might say "That is not a priority" and he's usually right, but if not now, then when? The most significant example of this behavior was when I organized my tupperware/rubbermaid just 2 weeks after Ramona was born. Recovering from a c-section, nursing constantly, house is a disaster, my mom had just left, and I organized my tupperware. It made me feel SO much better - when chaos is all around you, sometimes just one little organized something makes you feel better.

So, a few days before Christmas, I re-organized our recycling area. It wasn't bad before, just needed some fine tuning. Although our town has single stream recycling, I find it easier to separate the recycling in our house so that it takes up less space. It also requires less trips to the big bin outside to dump it, which is good since it's cold outside and I leave the girls unattended inside while I run out.

So, here's the after.

This is kind of the overall view. Our recycling area is on the landing of the stairs on the way to the basement. If we ever have to carry really big things up or down the stairs, we usually have to move a couple things out of the way. But for everyday use, this works great for us.

Close up of mixed paper and bulky recyclables (like gallon milk jugs - even crushed they are still bulky).

From left to right, it's plastic and paper shopping bags, cans and bottles, and plastic wrappers/plastic bags.

Plastic grocery bags are really important in our house. I don't use reusable bags because we need the plastic ones. The #1 use is for dog poop. Those bags must be perfect - free from any holes. The #2 use is for Ramona's dirty diapers. We don't use a diaper pail, so poopy diapers go straight into a bag with any small rips or tears, and then straight into the outside trash can. Any bags not deemed acceptable for either use are put into the "holder" (picture above) for recycling. Any large plastic bags (from Target or the thrift store) are put into the little plastic trash can hanging on the wall and re-used to hold cans and bottles.

Oh yes, I definitely feel a little crazy making those little yellow labels for this and I feel even a little crazier blogging about it. But it really straightened up this area, making it much less likely for the landing to be a catch-all area for clutter destined for the basement. Erego, proactive de-cluttering.

Oh, and the reason I don't like to run out to the recycling bin 10 times a day and leave the girls unattended?

Here's what happens when I do:

But she certainly is proud of herself:


Laurie said...

Oh man, I'd freak if Mia learned how to crawl up on my desk next to the computer. Given where she gets in to now, I guess I should expect it!

Stimey said...

I've had to implement new computer security measures to keep my kids (Jack mostly) from wrecking it.

I know what you mean about cleaning weird things, like your Tupperware drawer. For me, it's like even if the rest of the house is a mess, there is this one, finite, perfect (achievable) spot.

Great job on your recycling area!

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