Monday, December 8, 2008

Eco Mom

I have so many house chores and home office type work (scheduling 2 overdue doctor's appts. to begin with) that I don't even know where to start.

So, hey, you know what? How about a random fact?

Did you know I recycle paper towels? I do!

I love paper towels - we use them for all the usual things, but also for cleaning instead of a sponge or rag. (Cleaning i.e., wiping down of countertops and eating surfaces). We also use them to dry our hands to help cut down on germs. But that makes me feel a little guilty, since I know we could use a hand towel and wash it every couple days. But I can't seem to manage that. So instead, I recycle our paper towels.

Here's how I do it:

First, when we use paper towels to dry our hands, we hang them over the towel rack to dry. Even Esther knows to do this. If you give them a little shake when they are damp, they actually dry quite flat and smooth.
Then at the end of the day, I toss them onto the junk shelf in the hall closet. Every couple days I fold them (oh my god, that makes me sound crazy, doesn't it?) and put them underneath the tape dispenser to keep them sort of contained.
Then, when we need papertowels for cleaning or to wipe up a spill (or, god forbid %^&*% dog pee), we just use the used papertowels.

Sometimes they don't even make it to the hall closet or to the neatly folded pile. I just use them right off the towel bar. Sometimes I'm spontaneous like that!

Confidential to Stimey: Do you see my text and lines on the photo? Do you? Do you? Do you see it?


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Ok - just tell me you don't recycle baby wipes! ;-)

Laurie said...

Before I saw your note to Stimey, I was totally preoccupied with how.did.she.get.! Great job!

Stimey said...

First of all: Wow. I am super impressed by your ecological mindedness. Now I feel guilty.

Second of all: You're rockin' the arrows and text on the photos!! Not so hard, huh?

AwwwTrouble said...

You? Crack me up. Very funny.

I used to say my parents were eco-aware before anyone knew it was called eco-awareness. They were just cheap (and broke) so recycling, reducing, reusing were $$ saving, not planet saving.

Very jealous of the arrows and text. You'll have to give me a lesson for awwwclutter.

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