Friday, December 12, 2008

Clutter Mama

The fabulous Luchy stopped by Thursday for a visit and a generous offer of clutter busting! I'm always quite motivated when I go to Luchy's home - there is a place for everything and she even showed me her closets which are also beautifully organized.

So when we were trying to work out a time for a visit and she offered to come up here and bust a move on some clutter, I said YES!!!

While I think of myself as a fairly organized person, it's easy to fall behind and let clutter get the best of you. One of my big problem areas is my desk and scrapbook area. I call this my scrapbook area even though I've only completed 10-15 scrapbook pages in the past 5 years. Before that, I completed 10 scrapbooks, so I was an avid scrapper and cropper. My e-Bay ID is scrapper105 - that shows you how serious I am.

Desk and scrapbook drawer tower before:In the same room as my desk and scrapbook area is a sadly under-utilized closet. Here is it's before:
Luchy was seriously no joke when it came to busting clutter. She was kind but firm and as soon as G. would nurse and fall asleep Luchy was on her hands and knees sorting and separating. This item was tough to part with. An L.L. Bean bookbag purchased in 1992 when I was a sophomore in college. I still remember opening the package in the Rathskellar over tacos at lunchtime. I currently use it to haul my ESL teaching supplies but the dogs had a go at it one day when I had half a Snickers bar left in there. It's now got some big holes and one of the straps is broken. I took it straight to the trash once I made the decision to part with it.
I didn't take photos of the stuff I got rid of. I just took it to the outside trash as soon as I could. There was nothing to give away, just a LOT of old papers that were recycled and one small box that was appropriated to the basement. Most of the work after that was organizing. Luchy left before I was all the way finished and I promised her that I would keep working through naptime. I know myself, and I knew that I would get better results if I just kept on going.

So, Luchy, here's our hard work in all it's glory:
Esther and Ruthie were were both OBSESSED with G. Esther scooted right up to her and took over the task of rocking her to sleep.

I'm still deciding if I'm going to make Clutter Mama a new blog or a regular feature. I've got approximately 50 days before I go back to work (sob, and more on that later) so I NEED to get my house in perfect order before then. (I'll let you know how that works for me).


The Lowe said...

Well done both of you. Feel liberated?

The Lowe said...

Oh and what I'd do for that closet space just for paper!

Stimey said...

That is some excellent work there. I am duly impressed. And when I saw the after photo of the closet, my jaw literally dropped. I don't have any closets like that. It's my dream.

vickie2005 said...

Bravo Ellen & Luchy. Now there's room for a Cricut.

Thrift Store Mama said...

Vickie - Yes, there is a special shelf waiting for the cricut. I'm so motivated to do my scrapbooks now!

Stimey - I love how you pawn, I mean donate, things to friends. I have a 32 inch old school gigantic tv that I need to get rid of in order to create some space in our bedroom. Any suggestions? It weighs 200 lbs!

AwwwTrouble said...

Whoa! You are busting a move on my little world of clutter conquering. (we've - mostly Rich - have made great progress, need to document more). Good luck. We should join forces and assist each other - it really is easier to do with a disinterested third party who can help you see how crazy some things are.

Speaking of crazy - how well does that 32-incher work?

Laurie said...

Looks awesome Ellen. It must feel so freeing to get all that stuff out!

Rachel et Natalie said...

that's impressive.
I have the tendency to keep things too and yesterday Yossi made a plan to "declog" the basement. I asked him to show me what he plans to throw away before he does.

Luchy said...

Ohhhh! I am so Proud!!!! I have tears of happiness! Keep up the good work! It looks amazing!

Elaine said...

This is EXACTLY what my new home is going to look like. Yeah right...who am I kidding, this is exactly what I WANT my new home to look like.

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