Saturday, December 27, 2008

Clutter Mama Comes Out

of the hallway closet, that is.

I did this a few days ago, but still wanted to document it. And to my professor La Luchy, look what I've been up to:

Hall closet before (wide shot)

Hall closet before (close up)

Here's all the stuff I got rid of. I also filled up a plastic grocery bag with trash, but didn't think it was necessary to document that. I noticed a lot of these were medicines that the doctor suggested (or prescribed) but that, for one reason or another, my babies/kids didn't need. Infant vitamins are a good example - don't get me started! I need to be more careful about that and do my research before actually purchasing the recommended medicine. The "Accu-Chek" is from when I had gestational diabetes with Esther. Those puppies are about $80, so I'll be calling the local crisis pregnancy center to see if they could use one. Also, some toiletries that were from a work related trip that David and I took when I was pregnant with Esther. Some of these had funny and sad memories. The different types of iron drops that I tried to get Ruthie to take when she had low iron. She would never take them and instead I just started feeding her iron rich foods and her iron shot right back up. Except at her 15 month appt. I led the doctor to believe that I had been giving her drops all along.

Here's Esther with a long forgotten pacifier. Ruthie still has hers, but Esther shows no interest in Ruthie's. She happily sucked on this one for a while though while participating in her nightly Dora or Thomas episode on DVD. I think she was a dragon here.

Hall closet after (close-up)

Hall closet after (wide view)

As with my previous La Luchy inspired project, I found that I didn't have as much stuff to give away. Most of my clutter seems to be stuff that should be trashed or stuff that belongs elsewhere. Both of my parents hate clutter and their house is totally and completely clutter free. We joke that you can't set down a soda can on the counter for longer than a minute or two because my dad will throw it out. So, I think that helps with my clutter tendencies. Um, except with kids clothes and except in the basement.

My past couple appointments with Luchy have been thwarted by the holidays. But it's still been great because when I think she might be coming in a couple of days, I tend to work more!


Laurie said...

Well done Ellen. Looking sharp!

{sue} said...

Wow! I was thinking the before picture didn't look too bad. But that after picture is awesome! Now I'm too embarrassed to ever show my linen closet. Oy.

Sandy said...

You've given me inspiration! I cleaned the to bottom since I took the tree down today and then moved to the MOST cluttered cabinet in the kitchen. I threw away a garbage bag full of junk...and will never miss a thing! I also cleaned the top of the fridge.
Hopefully I can keep this motivation going and move onto the family room and computer room!

Mom said...

Keep it up! You are doing an awesome job! Love the way it looks, your closet not only looks neat you have extra space! Wonderful!

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