Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Almost Just L.M.S.

I was just doing laundry and the hot water wouldn't come through the machine. Remembering all the time and money I spent fixing the machine, I almost lost my sh*t!
The next load was fine though, so surely just some sort of glitch. Oops - just remembered I turned off the cold water supply to the machine to test if that made the hot work. It's surely in rinse cycle now!

Oh, and we arranged our ENTIRE day so that the girls would take naps early today so that we can go to the children's mass at 4:30pm. Guess who's not sleeping? Well, Ruthie, Esther and I are not sleeping but I think David may have fallen asleep in Esther's bed. Aunt Susan is babysitting this evening so that David and I can go back to mass BY OURSELVES at 7:30pm. That's a pretty great Christmas gift Ana!

For someone who tries (and boasts) about living a simple life, I sure am running around like a chicken with my head cut off today!


sleepy_mama said...

Merry Christmas TSM,

Great plan to do a double trip to church. Our church's nursery was closed for Christmas services and Sean and I were a bit nervous to actually take our irreverant two into mass with us, but they ended up doing fine. Picking mini M&Ms out of a narrow container did wonders to keep their hands and mouths busy.

Thank you so much for the Christmas card! The girls look sweet absolutely smooch-able.

{sue} said...

Merry merry Christmas! And that IS a good gift.

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