Monday, November 10, 2008

World Record Holder

Somebody should really hold a Mom-Olympics. You know, events that Moms (or other primary care-givers) would excel in but regular people would not.

My event would clearly be "Getting Kids Down for a Nap." I would take home the gold, no problem, on this one.

We had a busy morning visiting with Isabella, Luchy and Gabriella. I'm not sure how much help we were - I did manage to take Isabella out of the house for about 30 minutes or so and we got some diapers for Gabriella from CVS. Isabella and Esther took turns being difficult with the sharing concept. I guess it was pretty exhausting doing all that not sharing, so I could tell on the way home that Esther and Ruthie were ready for a nap. Frankly, I was also ready for my mid-day break so I was pretty motivated to get them going.

Here's the play by play:
2:19 Try to get Esther to go to the potty.
2:22 Herd them both into Esther's room.
I've successfully convinced Esther that she doesn't need to wear full pajamas for her nap, so that shaves a good 3-4 minutes off of our time.
2:24 Nurse Ruthie while reading Esther books.
2:30 Wrestle Ruthie away from my desk while I sing Esther's songs.
2:33 Cover Esther up and leave her room.
2:34 Go into Ruthie's room and change her diaper.
2:37 Maybe nurse her for another minute or so.
2:38 Sing her song and put her in bed.



The Lowe said...

20 minutes? I bring him in to his room, put him on the bed, take off his shoes and tell him it's nap time.

7 times out of 10 he actually sleeps.

Do I get a medal too? Or do I just plain lose?

The Lowe said...

I stand corrected - only 11 minutes for one child. I'd never get a medal for reading.

Elaine said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't even score a bronze in this event. Connor - I can get down in the time it takes to read one book, Helen though takes a full 30 minute nursing session. I would love to have your nap mojo.

Elaine said...

Oh - and you also get the world record for being the best about visiting people with babies and trying to make their lives easier. Seriously, Ellen, it's a real gift you give everyone.

Laurie said...

Well done- hope you enjoyed the break!! My napping medal comes in to play when we travel and I need to get both kids to nap on a plane or in one small hotel room.

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