Monday, November 24, 2008

The Perfect Game

We had a perfect game at our house today. There were a couple idle threats and some minor raised voices, but all in all it was just an awesome day. So awesome that I am posting twice today instead of saving this post for tomorrow. Neither girl cried when I dropped them off at the daycare room at the gym, my plan for the day worked out perfectly, I didn't forget anything, Esther spontaneously shared with Ruthie, both girls played a fantastic drum recital on the bucket of pretzels while going through Costco, and Esther spontaneously told me "thank you" for buying the bucket of pretzels! Also at Costco, they had the tilapia loins that I like that I've been looking for the past 2 times I've been there. (I love tilapia - I throw it on the grill with nothing but a little olive oil and Ruthie andI scarf it down!) Only downside was that I still needed David's help to get out of the house on time AND I just remembered that I left a BIG poopy diaper in the back of the car. Oops!

To top it all off - David's coming home early.

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