Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not to be outdone...

Ruthie decided to tell a joke of her own a couple days ago. Well maybe not a joke exactly, but she did figure out how to tease Esther.

In the car Ruthie was kind of singing: "Da-da, Da-da, Da-da" I don't think she is actually calling David, it seems to be more in the way that she is pointing out or noticing things as we drive by. (She uses Maa-ma much in the same way to indicate anything she wants that is just out of reach.) Esther kept saying "I'm not Daddy, I'm Esther. Mommy, she's calling me Daddy." Ruthie would laugh and say it again. In turn, Esther would repeat herself getting more perplexed (and a little agitated). I let this continue for a few minutes because it was HYSTERICAL and then explained to Esther that Ruthie wasn't actually calling her Daddy.

Man, it was funny to see a 16 month old teasing a 3 year old.


Fiona said...

It is SO funny how the 3 yr olds can be SO egged-on by the 1 yr olds! Go Ruthie!

Laurie said...

Too funny! Good job sweetie.

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