Monday, November 17, 2008

New Journey Update

Since David is out of town for 3 nights and he took the work laptop with him (the nerve!) I had three pre-written blog posts ready. But I rearranged nap locations today and have the computer room/home office/craft room/educational toy room/Esther's bedroom to myself for nap time, so a new post...

What a wonderful outpouring of support from my most recent entry. Not only from my family and friends, but also from the two people who read my blog who I don't even (or barely do) know IRL - Wow. Talk about some motivation!

It's often hard for me to stay on track when David is gone. But so far, so good. To start off the day, I did my regular workout plus a class at the gym today. It meant that I had to forego a shower at the gym (90 minutes is about the limit the girls can handle in the daycare room) and I can barely lift my arms or walk down stairs - but hey, I'm cool with that. I had such a great morning that I don't want to ruin it by making poor food choices this afternoon (and I made David take the bag of M&Ms with him on his trip.)

Thanks for the support - it's been perfect and exactly what I need!

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