Saturday, November 1, 2008


November 1st marks the start of National Blog Posting Month. A voluntary association in which a blogger commits to daily postings for a month. After being issued the invitation by a fellow Milk Mom, I'm only too happy to throw my hat it the ring and give it a try.

People write blogs for different reasons, and there's lots of different categories of bloggers. As with any group, some bloggers look down on or make fun of others. I'm in the cateogry considered "mommy blogger." That although I may touch on various topics from time to time, my posts are largely about issues related to mothering. For me, I also like it to reflect a bit of my inner thoughts and feelings. It's good for me, cathartic, and also somewhat inspiring when I go back to read previous entries. Those past entries remind me of tough times that I've made it through before and give me motivation to make it through the "crisis du jour."

I acknowledge that some of my candidness may make others uncomfortable - and for that I do feel apologetic. I told a lot of people about this blog in it's infancy, before it took on a more candid nature. But for me, I get a lot of value out of being honest, and quite frankly - this blog is for me.

I want to remember this magical time of mothering two young children - the highs and the lows. Some day, all too soon, their daily, intentional, interactions with me will lessen and I will turn to the archives once more - not for motivation but for the comfortable memories contained in these days.

My sisters and I are all safely ensconced in our hotel room in NYC. Sister #2 is sick with a virus, and Sister #3 and I are having a good time taking care of her and torturing her about not breathing in our direction!

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