Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo Celebration

The Milk Moms who participated in NaBloPoMo got together last night at OurMadillo's for drinks to celebrate the more than halfway point of NaBloPoMo. We missed those who weren't with us, whether they were close by (Laurie) or far away (Fiona, Silvia, and La Vida Cochinillo). Pomtinis...yum... Therese had a lovely tablescape (with table decorations of pomegranetes) and delectable (and largely homemade) munchies. A good time was had by all except when I started imposing my own view of marital harmony (and discord) on poor Luchy, then felt embarassed that I overstepped my bounds (shocking, I know). I stopped drinking Pomtinis at that point (I had only had two).

Our friend H. had been appointed a few weeks ago to award blog awards, being that she (and her sidekick husband) are regular readers but not bloggers themselves.

Best Rant: Marya for An "Off" Saturday and Silvia for Dear Stranger on the Street

Thought Provoking (Most Comments): Our Madillo for Comments Please

Thought-Provoking (Touching): Me for New Journey

Best Breastfeeding Story: Laurie for Ignorant People and Great Friends

Most Touching: AwwTrouble (the male half) for Veteran's Day

Most Vivid Chronicle of a Pregnancy: AwwTrouble (the female half)

Most Heartfelt and Heartwrenching: Mis2pichipurris for her posts chronicling Isabellita's transition to pre-school and Luchy's feelings about her transition

Most Vivid Chronicle of Moving and Life with 2 Small Children: La Vida Cochinillo

Post That the Husband Did Not Want You to Post: Fiona for Naivety

Sweetest Post: Laurence for Last Song of the Day

Most Overall Thought Provoking: Elaine for An Open Letter and Someday I May Be Mainstream

Hardest Working Gals in Blogging: Mis2pichipurris and La Vida Cochinillo for having newborns and still blogging!

It's been quite an adventure and I'm sure glad that Therese issued the challenge. Sure, it's hard sometimes but I love that I'll have a "Month in the Life" preserved for all eternity!


Ugh - Esther is climbing all over me and keeps asking when is it her turn. I can't wait until naptime tomorrow when I can call Verizon!!!


vickie2005 said...

TWO awards!! I'm so touched. Thanks Helen! And thanks for this recap, Ellen.

Really wish I could've been there with you!

The Lowe said...

We really wish you could have been there too Vickie. And thanks for all the kind words here - I LOVED having you guys over.

Rachel et Natalie said...

thank you Ellen for posting all that.
I am sure Luchy appreciated every piece of advice and does know that we it is our way to show that we do care about her.

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