Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My shoulder

My shoulder is hurting a little bit. I think I must have strained it while doing so much patting myself on the back the past few hours.

David is still gone. I have been incredibly self disciplined during his absence, only because I have to be in order to keep everything running smoothly. I got a little break last night while teaching my ESL class (Susan came to babysit) and that was sufficient.

We started off the morning semi-well, in spite of David being gone. Esther will absolutely not stand for me being anywhere NEAR her in the morning, so David normally does her entire morning routine. Esther started out with "Dad-, Mommy, Mommy" at 6:20 and then quieted down. She called again at 6:30 a couple times and then unceasingly at 6:40. I went down, she said she was awake, and I told her it was still night time and she could play while I slept on her bed. She said "NO - YOU HAFTA STAY AWAKE" but was willing to let me lie on her bed so long as I kept my eyes open. She played for about 20 minutes and then I let the dogs out, started breakfast, etc. It all went downhill when she asked for a vitamin.

"I want to pick my vitamin."

"Esther, in our family we don't pick vitamins. We take the one that comes out." (I swear to God David, if you've been letting her pick the vitamin in the morning you're going to get it! )

"I will do it MYSELF!"

"Esther, you can't yell like that or you'll wake up Sissy. Okay, you can do it yourself but you have to pour it into the cap."

At which point she grabs the vitamin bottle and starts digging her finger in.

(I should interject that this "no picking the vitamin rule" is one of those things that always has mattered to me but I've never really thought through it. I think it's one of the things that has carried over with me from my formative babysitting years.)

I take the vitamin bottle and say again,

"Esther, you can't choose. Here let me pour one out."

That's when it went downhill. She started freaking out, I took the vitamin bottle and put it back into the cabinet. She never actually got one out. She's crying/whining loudly so I follow my new plan of having her go into the new room if she is crying loudly. If I try to go in and comfort her, she cries louder. At one point, I go upstairs and get dressed. I come back downstairs and try a lot of different things - cajoling, distracting, fake crying myself. Nothing. Loud crying and whining continue. I call my neighborhood friend A. whom I was supposed to meet at the gym at 9am and tell her it looks iffy. Ruthie has a playdate at 11am, so we have a limited window to go to the gym. She understands but I am pissed that Esther's tantrum might cause me to miss my exercise time. In an act of desperation, I put on my gym clothes anyway and put my gym bag and the girls' snacks (all pre-packed the night before, thank you very much!) into the car. Fat chance I thought.

33 minutes after the beginning of the tantrum, I hear Ruthie. I pick Esther up against her will, carry her into her room, and lay her on the bed. She holds Pooh, sucks her thumb and is quiet. I get Ruthie, go back into Esther's room and she's all smiles. We play for a few minutes and go to eat breakfast. I about sh*t myself when Esther says "Can I have my vitamin Mommy?" but she calmly takes the one I pour from the bottle.

I get everyone fed, dressed (bribing Esther that after she gets her clothes on she can watch this video on the computer. Completely inappropriate for a 3 year old, but she was in the room when I was sent it by a friend and she LOVES it!) and we are in the car and leaving the house by 9:30am. Esther didn't even cry when I dropped her off because I told her that if she didn't cry she would get a juicebox on the way home. (And since you all know my unfounded stance against juice boxes in our house, you can tell how badly I wanted to be able to exercise.)

And now, back to my regularly scheduled patting myself on the back.


Elaine said...

I'm so sorry you had to endure another tantrum that lasted so long. AND OMG - I would've sh*t myself too at the request of a vitamin after that. Good for you for just doing a redo, my first inclination would be to say "I'm sorry. Vitamins didn't go so well today. Let's try them again tomorrow." and that would've deprived Esther of the opportunity to redo the scene in an acceptable way so quickly.

vickie2005 said...

Brilliance, absolute brilliance.

dc604 said...

You are funny.
It's so complex to decide if something is a power struggle.....good luck with that!

Laurie said...

Awesome! I think I would have had to ask them for a time out for me!

Rachel et Natalie said...

You are a champ

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