Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It should not

It should not. be this freaking hard. to find a BABYSITTER!!! Except that it is, because someone is taking care of your kids!

I thought we had hit the jackpot with the 17 year old down the street. And we did for a few months. I mean, she didn't pick up toys or wash dishes and there was that time I walked up the steps, fumbled my keys, unlocked the door, and was standing in front of her before she took out her earphones and noticed me. But still - she had a good way with the kids and I wasn't too worried about them with her. And she made a special trip down to our house on Halloween to see them and that meant a lot.

But now David has some travel coming up and I need to get 2-3 sitters in my back pocket because I teach my ESL class two evenings a week. Here's my scorecard.

E-mailed town listserv: Net one interview with 17 year old town resident this evening. Says she can do weekdays but we'll see what her parents say.

E-mailed town listserv specifically for parents of young children: Net one list of babysitters from local site called sitter city from a mom in town. List is about 4 years old, so most numbers have been changed. Also net one phone number for one 50 year old lady who lives in College Park and does babysitting. I called her and left a message.

E-mailed career center at University of Maryland for inclusion in their weekly e-mail listing to students who have indicated interest in babysitting jobs: Net one reply from a student via e-mail. I called her and e-mailed back and have heard nothing.

Did intensive search on website called Sitter City: Net several leads that look promising, but haven't done anything yet because it's a $40 membership fee and $10 per month to receive contact information for the sitters.

Whining to David: Net nothing but some sympathy.

Talking to neighbor who has 4 boys: Net one suggestion for 17 year old neighborhood boy who babysits whom she suspects would not be cool babysitting until 10pm at night or changing baby girl diapers. So that’s actually net nothing.

Here’s what I haven’t done: Talk to neighbor on the street, Ms. Dottie, about just staying in the house while girls are asleep. Then I wouldn’t feel quite so bad asking my sister to babysit if she could then leave at 9pm instead of having to wait until I get home at 9:45pm.

Talk to Esther’s pre-school teacher about whom I believe I have heard a rumor that she does babysitting. I would pay her $12-$15 an hour just for the peace of mind.

I feel sick at the anxiety this is causing. I'm so worried about leaving them with someone they don't know well. When this problem first started occurring, I was really frustrated at David that this babysitter thing was turning out to be all my responsibility. I mean, why isn’t he calling around for babysitters? After all, the ESL gig is my regular thing and it’s his traveling for work that’s throwing a big wrench into our plans. Shouldn’t it be his responsibility to find a sitter? But then this morning as we were leaving I saw him adjust the rain gutter and I thought about all the things he does that I have nothing to do with and know nothing about. Finances. Rain gutters. Trash and recycling. Dog medications. Yard and fencing. The other morning he climbed up into the high up attic (through a tiny little hole with no pull down stairs) to turn off the exhaust fan because it was coming on too often.

Sigh, back to the babysitter search.


Laurie said...

What about Silvia's babysitter when she was living in MD? I have a few friends who aren't far from you that have good sitter resources if you want me to call them.

dc604 said...

omg! you don't have to be so dramatic.....I'll come over...sheesh!

btw - to the large public at large that reads my sissy's blog - it's me, Ana, the girls' auntie - here to save the day!!!!

Thrift Store Mama said...

Mission accomplished.

Ryaanne said...

I would definitely ask at the preschool. All the aids and most of the teachers at David's school babysit. They are busy and in demand but I have booked on for a couple dates in January. Good luck.

{sue} said...

Ana - could you come over and read my blog? I need a sitter too! (j/k!)

Elaine said...

Put a sign up where you teach ESL classes. Heck, ask your students if they know of someone who can babysit. My guess is they would be a fantastic resource. Sorry I didn't think of this when we were on the phone yesterday.

And, yeah, Ana, my kids could use a sitter every now and then too, so please start reading and come on over!

Elaine said...

Oh - I forgot to tell you, your post reminded me that for YEARS Ed filled my bike tires regularly, so they never got flat. One day, he was outside working on his bike and I said "I don't know why you have to fill your tires all the time. Mine NEVER get flat - and I've been using the same pair for YEARS." Uh...Ed knew why they never got flat, or rather, I never realized they got flat.

Rachel et Natalie said...

have you tied Craig list as well?
and yes our hobbies do a lot of things we take for granted sometimes (too often)

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