Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Full Effect

When my sisters and I were growing up, we were frequently referred to as "the Breipohl girls." Being that there were 3 of us and all of us were born within a span of 4.5 years, it just made it easier to refer to us collectively. The phrase "The Breipohl Girls" went on to take on a life of it's own and now sometimes we refer to ourselves that way, even though two of us, legally, have different last names now.

So, the Breipohl girls are in full effect in NYC!!! In order to take maximum advantage of Sarah's expense account and hotel points, we stayed last night at a hotel in Chelsea and we'll stay the next two nights in Mid-town. (I looked up the names of the neighborhoods on the handy dandy tourist map I have.) Also on the agenda for today is a little friendly stalking of this crafty one (as I am apt to do) and recreating portions of her walking tours with her BFF. It's helpful when stalking to actually know where the stalkee lives, and since I don't, I'm just hoping that I'll somehow bump into her. I would hang out in front of the Buy Buy Baby that I saw, but she would never have to shop at Buy Buy Baby since she makes everything she needs!

Today will also involve a short trip to Loehmann's and a jaunt on the subway to get to our next hotel. The NYC marathon is today so we think we'll have better luck on the subway than in a taxi. Oh, and dinner with Sarah's "boss" (who really sounds more like a coordinator than a real boss - and Sarah says she makes more money than her boss anyway) who Sarah SWEARS is really fun.

I forgot to bring the cord to connect my camera to the computer, which is a serious bummer.

Wish us luck!!!


Elaine said...

I refuse to wish you luck stalking - but I wish you luck on the other fronts.

Marya said...

Sounds exactly what sisters are supposed to do. Have fun!

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