Saturday, November 29, 2008

Freeze Frame

I got teary a few nights ago when I told David how happy I am. That in spite of wanting more money, a cleaner house, more time with David, to be calmer when dealing with Esther's challenging times, and a meaningful part-time job (and struggling with the Journey) that I really couldn't imagine that I could be any happier.

I feel like I've got pretty good balance:
  • wonderful groups of friends (milk moms, girlfriends from college, and friends/friendly acquaintances from the hood);
  • 2.5 hours of alone time for myself each week (Last week I went to the dentist! Next week to the gyn!!!);
  • more alone time if I want it, when David is home, for household projects or the gym;

  • substantive relationships with my family;

  • a meaningful part-time job (teaching ESL classes at night for 6 hours per week); and

  • most importantly - lots and lots of time with my girls.
When my sisters and I were growing up, my Mom would frequently tell us (and always on our birthdays) that she was going to put a brick on our heads to stop us from growing up. I thought it was soooo lame at the time. I understand so, so perfectly now.

I know that there are good times to come as the girls get older. It is going to be so cool when we do the Laura Ingalls tour when the girls are 8 and 10. Or when they are finally old enough for us to go to a water park. Or the best - when they are old enough to really, really shop at Value Village.

But I would do damn near anything if I could freeze time right here, right now. I would even put bricks on their heads to stop them from growing.


Silvia said...

I hear you. It's so cliche, but they're growing up so fast. Makes me teary too.

Laurie said...

I totally get you on this topic. I can't believe how nostalgic I've become for times that haven't even passed yet.

Fiona said...

So pleased for your happiness Ellen. You've worked hard at everything, so a little happiness is most deserved.

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