Monday, October 20, 2008

Sales Momma Wannabe

My sister has a blog (that she hasn't updated in 2 months) and the title is Sales Momma. Based on my performance this past weekend, I'd say I've got a little bit of sales in my blood too!

What was this past weekend, you ask? I can't believe you've forgotten given the frequency with which I speak of it. My life, my love, my... children's clothing co-op sale!!!!

It was a lot of work getting ready - especially given the stress of the "situation" as we now refer to it. (Don't confuse the situation with the "issue.") I've forgone regular household chores, the gym, personal hygiene, and other things. Ruthie went for an extra day to the sitter. My parents were drafted into helping, since they were here to visit as David is gone for 6 days. And while I didn't make a killing, it was worth it. Mostly, I love the organized-ness of it all: the sorting, labeling, setting up. I love that I am supporting reusing/recyclying efforts by my small part in it.

I swore that I wasn't going to buy anything. I told several of my neighborhood friends (none of whom know about the blog) to not let me buy anything. I swear to Gawd, I wasn't in there for TWO MINUTES before I saw this:

an excellent condition American Girl Bitty Baby crib WITH ALL THE ACCESSORIES!!! and much like last time, I jumped over people and may have potentially knocked over a pregnant woman to get to it first. Luckily, there was nobody else looking at it so there wasn't a suburban mom wrestling match (not right then, anyway.) Christmas 2008, done and done, all for $15!!!

There was almost a suburban mom wrestling match later though - my friend J. and I were ready to strangle somebody else. Most of us arrive early for set up time, carefully lay out our clothes, taking care to not put our things on top of other people's clothes. This woman, I'll call her B.B., waltzes in at the last minute and starts spreading her things ON TOP OF OURS!!! This is a serious breach of co-op sale etiquette and much, much whispering and sniping ensued. Myself and a couple other women addressed this issue at the business meeting after the sale and a couple minor safeguards were put into place to try and prevent it from happening next time. B.B. might think she had the last laugh, because, as always, she was the top seller. You know who you are B.B. and we'll be watching you. (I LOVE and I mean LOVE being a part of middle school girl drama - it's so funny!)

In other news, I'm getting bids for the sewer replacement and it will probably only be a measly $8500. Measly. right.

I've started putting out feelers about a part-time job for January, and I've gotten a big bite already. Professional level, good pay, only 18-20 hours per week (spread over 3 days), long-ass commute. It's not an issue I'm currently passionate about (a particular type of green commercial roofing material) but it does fit within a new passion of green-ness in general (thanks in no small part to these ladies.) Oh, and it also offers the opportunity to learn more about climate change and green construction. That's cool. It will be really difficult to teach ESL and do this, particularly since David expects a busy travel schedule this Spring. My ESL class this semester is really great, and it's very likely that I will teach them again in the Spring. Really have to think about that - really need to find a reliable babysitter who can work until 10pm on weeknights.

I'm happy to report that the "issue" has been resovled - I've sold a bunch of stuff of e-Bay, forced sales on friends and my sister, and the co-op sale took care of a lot of it. I'm going to try and clean up our room before David gets home on Tuesday night.

Although it's not too early to start sorting for the spring co-op sale...

Oh, and I've been tagged - it's my first time. I'll post the tag later this week!


dc604 said...

Good job on the xmas gift - are you actually going to put up a tree this year? You did great organizing and gaining control over the "stuff". You definitely have an eye for it and put such good stuff together - you're on top of it now, so just stay on top of it!

ps - I love the way Esther has been touching my face when she talks to me. I noticed her doing it to you the other day too - it makes what she is saying seem so special...

{sue} said...

Ohhhh... I love that Bitty Baby crib. WTG!

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