Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Piglet was actually quite happy most of the evening. She was just mad at being forced to stay still for more than 2 seconds.

Some people might pay around $50 for themed, matching, original Disney costumes at the Disney store. In true Thrift Store Mama fashion, I did not. The Piglet costume was a hand me down from some neighbors about 4 years ago - before they moved to the Middle East for 3 years. They only moved back recently and imagine their surprise when we showed up at their door this evening. I think they had forgotten they had given it to us - almost 4 years ago, when I was barely pregnant with Esther. The Pooh costume was purchased off of e-Bay, for less than $15 including cost and shipping.

Esther loved her costume (as 3 year olds are apt to do) and request that I call her by the full name of "Winnie the Pooh" and not just Winnie.

Esther was obviously game for trick-or-treating and we went to about 20 houses - in shifts, over a 90 minute period. Ruthie caught on quickly and was not content to stand with me on the sidewalk, but wanted to WALK up the steps and take something out of the basket too. She held the candy tightly in her fist and just sucked on the wrappers. That's sanitary - especially when she dumped the soggy ones into Ms. Dottie's basket. Ms. Dottie fished them out. Esther kept reminding me that Ruthie wasn't supposed to eat candy. Thanks Esther.

No, I'm not a complete scrooge. Esther had 2 pieces of candy after school today and she had 3 pieces this evening. We've left a few in her bag and it will be all gone in a couple days. It's not the candy so much that we object to, but rather the incessant negotiating that it seems to cause.

And, yes, Aunt Sandy - I'm sure you and Laura are beside yourselves with the choice of costumes. Once I remembered that I had the Piglet costume there was just no contest with any other theme.

After we were back home, Esther helped hand candy to the other kids. One man was quite taken with her and told his little boy to "Kiss the baby, kiss the baby." Esther was COMPLETELY freaked out - she is really, really shy around new people. She was delighted to see our mother's helper with her friends and then a babysitter made a trip down the street in her Incredibles costume. She was so beside herself she couldn't speak, but just kept stomping her feet, jumping, and screeching.

It's really, really awesome to be able to celebrate Halloween with my kids. It's almost one of those surreal moments where I feel like I'm watching it all from above and I just can hardly believe the wonderfulness of my life. Sounds dorky, but so true.


National Blog Posting Month starts tomorrow and I'm all signed up. I'm also off to NYC tomorrow to spend time with my sisters. Sarah has a laptop so I'll be blogging there.

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