Thursday, October 16, 2008


That's the high end of the estimate to replace our main sewer line, which is currently 90% blocked by a tree root.

For now, things are flowing...but it could back up again any second.

And David is going out of town for 6 days. And I am exhausted from staying up late every night to get ready for the co-op sale. I almost feel like I did when I had an infant and was up several times a night - how easily tears come when I am tired.

This unexpected cost will likely force me to return to work sooner than we had planned. I feel really, really sad about that.

When I feel like this, it really helps me to keep perspective.


My parents are coming - this is good because they will watch the girls during the co-op sale preparations and while I am working at the sale. But it is bad because it is two more people using our pipes.

The girls have been great recently, as long as they get their naps on time.

And David just cleaned the bathroom in preparation for my parent's visit. He rocks.

And, most importantly, I have plenty of Diet Coke. Just finished a Big Gulp, and it was fabulous.

The weather is going to be really nice for a few days.

I'm trying really, really hard to keep my perspective.


{sue} said...

OHMYGAWD?! I had no idea it was that expensive! Ours was replaced before we moved in, thank the Lord.

We have use a home equity loan for things like this (although none that expensive!) but that we just couldn't possibly pay for on one salary. (Roof which leaked occassionally in a hard rain suddenly leaking a LOT, stuff like that). I hate having the extra debt, but another good reason to stay in our smaller house that is worth a lot more than we paid for it.

I hope it either stays clear, or you find a lovely and efficient plumber and you can somhow swing it.

(When I saw your title, I was really hoping that somehow you had AQCUIRED $20K.)

Mom said...

So sorry!!!

Stimey said...

I am so sorry. We had a sewer issue a couple of houses back, and it cost a whole lot to repair it. Good for you for trying to stay positive. I' so so sorry.

Fiona said...

That's what happened to us a couple of months back ... after I noticed a days worth of effluent in our basement (even I was grossed out). Our estimate was the same as our main line is about 9 feet underground when it hits the road. I'll try to call you over the weekend as there are some other cheaper options (Lance figured it out). Hang tight and keep the coke close by (and no wipes down the loo!).

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!

btw, I'm tagging you on my blog...

Laurie said...

I feel your pain. We've been there. Keep getting those estimates.

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