Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One liners

I've said that Esther seems to have more of David's personality and she reinforced that again today. Although many people don't get to see it, David can be wickedly, wickedly funny. He comes up with great one liners that often shock people. Esther had a great one liner today.

Today I walked out of the room and walked back in to see Esther taking some big gulps of my Diet Coke. Soda consumption by children is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN (not even a sip) in our house and there is zero tolerance for swiping. So, I mustered up my best disapproving look. She looked at me said, "It's okay Mommy, I give you a hug" and then started walking off. I said, "Where are you going?" to which she responded "I put myself in the naughty spot."


Esther currently sleeps in our multipurpose room: guest room, home office, playroom, craft room. The arrangement works well except that since our computer is in there I get very little time to keep our pictures arranged and prepare them for blogging. While I acknowledge that this is trivial to many people, it's important to me. So, several months ago I bought a portable hard drive. My plan was to upload the photos the the computer and then load them onto the portable hard drive. This would be their home and it would allow me to sort through them, arrange and edit them in the evenings post bedtime on David's work lap top without actually saving them to his laptop. David of course works diligently on his work lap top in the evenings. I only use it when he takes a break for a glass of water. (Hi to David's colleagues!!!) I bought the darn thing and have tried off an on over the past few months to figure out how to use it. I finally gave in today and called the company and the guy started to go through this big long spiel when I cut him off "Buddy, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I've got 15 minutes before the end of my toddler's nap time. Do you think we could skip through the script and testing all the stuff and you could just tell me how to do this one thing?" It was super easy to fix, turns out I had been making it more complicated than it needed to be. Shocking.

I've just responded to a question issued by Our Madillo and have agreed to participate in NaBloPoMo. The above posts (see above) are exactly the sort of thing that you SAVE IN DRAFT FORM and then POST ON A SLOW DAY during NaBloPoMo. I've got a lot to learn


Do you know what's coming up soon? Do you? Only one of my most favorite things: the co-op clothing sale, that's what. I have a true confessions post coming up soon (with photos - see above) that is a follow up to this post.

A friend's 46 year old husband just had an unexpected/emergency triple bypass. Let's all use this as a reminder to schedule those looooooong overdue physicals (and any other appointments we may need) for ourselves and loved ones, shall we? I, for one, am going to the dentist on Thursday for the first time SINCE I WAS PREGNANT WITH ESTHER. David, ARE YOU READING THIS?!?! MAKE THE CALL ALREADY for the love of gawd!!!!


vickie2005 said...

You're back! Yay!

Stimey said...

I love that you just cut the dude off. I'm never brave enough to do that. And how did it get to be November again? Or, you know, the months leading up to November? I thought it was still August.

The Lowe said...

Yay, you're in!
We'll get nothing done in November with all the blog reading we'll be doing - never mind the writing.

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