Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A notch up

There's a mom, L. in my neighborhood with 4 boys and she seems to have a pretty good sense about her regarding a lot of things. I also think she might be a little bit nutty and may be even considered a bit odd by some of the other neighborhood moms, but I'm not sure. All I know is that I feel like I can really talk to her. It all started when my neighbors threw a surprise baby shower for us when I was pregnant with Esther and invited everyone on the block. A LOT of people came, even people we hadn't met yet. L. came and brought a couple books and wrote a note to the effect of "Mothering can be tough sometimes. Call if you need to talk." We ran into each other on the street a few weeks after Esther was born and she asked how I was doing and she seemed so sincere. She disclosed that she had a hard time after a couple of her kids were born and I just thought it was so great that she was being real with me.

Fast forward a couple years - we wave on the street, sometimes chat for a minute, but she never initiates any social interaction. Her kids are a lot older than mine, and I suspect that the weeks and months fly by for her in the blink of an eye and social engagements with new people is just so not on her to-do list.

With the nice weather, I frequently see her walking a kid home from school as I'm taking the dogs out after Esther goes down for a nap. And the past couple days I've even timed it to try and run into her so I can walk with her for 4-5 minutes and ask her the question of the day. We've had a new babysitter a couple times recently since David has been out of town and my ESL class has started and she's given me some great tips on respectfully communicating clear expecations to the babysitter.

Today I was really disappointed because I looked at the clock and realized that I must have missed her but as I stepped out of the house, THERE SHE WAS!!! Her kid had forgotten a math book and she was walking back to school to get it.

It's not enough that I blog stalk people. Now I'm taking it up a notch and stalking an IRL person. Nice.


Laurie said...

PS- maybe she's blog stalking you back?

Stimey said...

At times, stalking can be a compliment.

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