Friday, September 12, 2008

A hurting heart

I sit on the couch cradling my head in my hands, although it hasn't been a bad day - it's been a pretty good one in fact. I'm just taking a moment, thinking what's coming up next in the day, and feeling the weight of concern for a couple friends and the transference of their burdens. (not to mention some wicked PMS)

Esther walks in the room and sees me.

"You okay, Mommy? You okay? You having a hard day?"

"I'm okay Esther. But I'm a little sad and my heart hurts because I'm worried about my friends."

She leaves for a second and then walks back in the room with her toy stethoscope.

"I will fix your heart Mommy."


Stimey said...

I'm thinking it worked too, huh?

Sue said...

Toddler with plastic stethoscope is definitely good for the aching heart.

Fiona said...

And I bet it made you instantly smile!

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