Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Naughty Spot

I got put in the naughty spot today by Esther because I yelled at David. She mimicked me PERFECTLY:

"Mommy you in the naughty spot because you yell at Daddy. That's not nice to yell."

I willingly sat down in the hallway and put my head against the wall so she couldn't see me laugh. She patted me on the shoulder and said "It's okay Mommy. Tell me you're sorry."

I then asked her if I could get up to go and get her clothes for school, and she agreed.

I know that some people (particluarly the older generation) would have thought that I did the wrong thing by allowing myself to be put in the naughty spot. They would say that it's good for children to learn that they have different rules from adults. True, there are lots of different rules in our house for Esther. She easily accepts that only David and I can use knives, scissors, or the stove and will actually call out "Danger, danger, there's a danger close to me" if I leave a pair of scissors on an accessible level.

In this case though, the rules apply to all. I yelled, and I deserved the naughty spot.


vickie2005 said...

Did David manage to keep a straight face? I don't think I could've!

dc604 said...

that's awesome! yelling is yelling no matter how old you are, if you had told her you would not go to the naughty spot then she would have said the same thing the next time you tried to send her...
-it's susan btw, i changed my id so i can post on all the education blogs...

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