Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Full of poop

Ruthie had her visit with the pediatric G.I. doc yesterday because of her chronic baby constipation and he pronounced her full of poop. Literally. Except that he said stool instead of poop.

She is evidently holding her poop as a result of the flesh eating diaper rash she had a few weeks ago. Even babies this young learn this behavior.

We are commencing Phase 1 of the pre-typed sheet he gave us. Phase 1 is entitled: CLEANOUT. These people have a sense of humor I think.

Thanks to advice from an experienced Mom, I dressed nicely for the visit. I got in the doc's good graces by telling him that he was famous among my friends because he helped Elaine help Helen sleep a long stretch at night by adjusting her meds. And then because I was so giddy over his kind manner and thorough exam, I accidentally flirted with him by laughing a little too much at a joke he made. Now that's classy.


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I hope Operation Cleanout works wonders. And I um... can't wait to read about it. :-) Glad the wardrobe advice helped! (Is this doctor a handsome Italian, by any chance?)

Thrift Store Mama said...

No, not a handsome Italian. But he is an older, short, semi-balding man with the cutest little blue plaid Ralph Lauren button down!

sleepy_mama said...

That image of you flirting with the dr keeps making me laugh out loud...which is not a good thing with my little one asleep next to me.

I feel like it could be scene from a sitcom -- sort of along the lines of "desperate housewives" but starring a bunch of frumpy (on most days!), second-hand-store shopping, coupon-wielding, diet-coke-slurping, moms.

Keep a look out for some Hollywood writer who may contact you about using these posts as storylines (can i be your agent? let's hold out for the big bucks!)

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