Thursday, August 28, 2008


Had to break my ban on no computer in the daytime for this one. I just realized that yesterday is the 14th anniversary of the day David and I met.

We met at a party on August 27, 1994. I know this for certain because I wrote about it in my journal. He was wearing a green golf shirt, khaki shorts, and new sneakers. He was standing on the back porch of the group house in Takoma, DC where he lived with a friend and several friends of his friend. I came to the party with a friend of mine who is gay and David assumed that this other guy was my boyfriend. I really do remember the entire evening with such clarity. We started chatting over the keg, I made fun of his bright white sneakers, and a few hours later we were kissing in the backyard (he was showing me where they had seen some deer earlier that week) when his friend fell down the porch steps, the floodlights went on illuminating the entire backyard and all the drunk people started yelling "Who's out there? David? my name? Why are you in the backyard?" in that way that only drunk people can. We didn't really have any friends in common at that point, so you can imagine the funniness of random people trying to figure out why two other random people were standing in the backyard.

We started dating immediately (or as soon as I broke up with my other boyfriend I had been dating at the time), and the rest is history.

FOURTEEN years ago. Wow.


The Lowe said...

I say you mark the occasion with a little snog in the back yard tonight.

vickie2005 said...

Just watch for the ticks.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Oooh that is funny! I have floodlights if you really want to re-enact the moment :-)

Sarah said...

Yeah! How much changes in 14 years..for the better! Congratulations!

Laurie said...

Just think, if you started having babies when you met, you'd be looking at high schools instead of preschools!

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