Monday, July 28, 2008


It seems that people are always on some sort of quest. Most everyone has something that they are passionnate about and working towards. Mine is to reduce my family's consumption of new consumer goods and also to try to live a simple financial life. It's a struggle, both internal and external and I make a great effort most days to stick with it. But oh my god, it is so, so hard sometimes. I'm lucky that I have a few friends who believe similarly and I try to really limit the influence of other people who are materialistic.

I recently found a blog that is like minded and I stumbled across another one in the blogosphere today. In both cases, I would say that these women are coming at it from an environmental perspective, whereas I'm coming at it from a financial perspective first and my environmental motives are secondary. So even though our primary motives may be different, the philosophies behind them are similar. And man oh man, both of these ladies are SER.I.OUS. ... and oh so inspiring.


Jessica McFadden said...

I love YOUR blog and all the great ones your posts introduce.

Although Mama Bird of Surely You Nest? I *know* her in real life and she is gorgeous and real and truly an environmentalist and involved mom.

Sounds a lot like you!! I look forward to reading more.

MamaBird said...

Awww, now I am blushing! And also, I agree with A Parent In Silver Spring -- I love your blog because your motivations are different so I learn from your perspective (and don't we ALL need to be frugal, eh?). I know you are not primarily motivated by enviro stuff but generally, being green means being thrifty. You should check out

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