Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super Shopper

David and I are pretty serious about trying to save money on everyday things. David combs the coupons and clips anything he thinks we might use. I file them in the coupon holder and try to match them up with sales at the store. So, it's not unusual to buy, say, 4 things of deoderant if it's on sale and I have coupons for all 4. Of course, given my proclivities for stockpiling things, this has a tendency to be dangerous.

I've been intrigued recently by the salespoint coupons - the ones that come out of the machine next to the register? It seemed funny - if I only bought a few items I would get a lot of coupons but if I did my regular big grocery shop then I would get no coupons. Don't the manufacturers want to reward me for buying more?

HA HA (insert evil maniacal laughter) NO THEY DON'T!!! Those coupons aren't a reward at all. In fact, if you buy a lot of items they laugh and figure that you bought their stuff anyway so they don't need to give you coupons!

So today I went to Target for diapers - the kind I like were on sale and I had several coupons, including...a salespoint coupon from Giant. Hmmm, this would be interesting. The Giant coupon clearly states on it "Redeem at Giant" but it DID NOT say "Redeem ONLY at Giant." I wondered if Giant and the manufacturers were in cahoots with each other. (of course they are you naive little imp!)

I sidled up to the counter at Target, Ruthie firmly buckled into the cart and SCREAMING because she was PISSED at the indignity of being buckled in. Esther is dancing around repeating "Candy is for other people - dat is for other people." (My little parrot robot!) I chatted up the cashier and casually handed her the coupon before my others saying, "I'm trying a little experiment. Would you scan this and see if it works?"

AND IT DID! Without an override, just like a regular manufacturers coupon. Satisfaction. $.49 saved!!!

I like to imagine that three nerdy little men (picture the Dad in Back to the Future) are hunched over the TV monitor that monitors all the people coming into the store and when they see me their conversation goes something like this:
Nerd Man 1: Oh dear, oh dear, here comes Mrs. Thorp
Nerd Man 2: Can you see if she brought her coupons with her? (then in a hopeful voice) Maybe she forgot them today?
Nerd Man 3: I can see the blue sticking out of her purse, I think she brought them. OH NO! She's also got a list and the sales circular with her. This won't be good.
Nerd Man 1: That Mrs. Thorp - she's such a savvy shopper.
Nerd Man 2: She always makes us miss out sales goals for the day. Darn her and her coupon clipping husband!

And then, when they saw me whip out the Giant salespoint coupon, there was much moaning, gnashing of teeth, and one of them peed himself. Foiled again.


The Lowe said...

You're a riot!

Laurie said...

I can totally see Esther dancing around and singing about the candy. Good girl!
PS- Your Mr. T moments are contagious- I'm tired, feel crappy, hate my job and we found a MOUSE under our sink! I need to go find a best friend named Mo asap!

Elaine said...

What a great tip, Ellen!

sleepy_mama said...


Forget about Nerds #1-3, these last several posts are so funny, I am going to pee myself.

Somehow you make the insanity of all this sound fun!

Love you lots!

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