Saturday, July 26, 2008

Money Well Spent

For some time now, I've been socking away any money I earn from exercising, walking errands, Craig's List, e-Bay, or the co-op sale into a special "account." In some cases the money was deposited to my regular account, but I know how much is "mine." When the girls and I were away and David needed cash (he can't find his ATM card) he asked where my stash was so he could get some. I hemmed and hawed a little bit, prompting him to ask "Why is it that the money I earn is ours, but money you earn is yours?" I clarified that it wasn't mine to spend necessarily but mine to allocate on semi-necessary things as I choose. So, I told him where it's hidden in plain sight and that he was to CLEARLY MARK how much he removed.

A few weeks ago, one of the MMs asked me what I was planning to do with that money - I was stuck. I said that I usually just bought what I needed to buy and so I didn't really go without but I supposed that I would use it for the semi-necessary and frivolous purchases. But to tell the truth, I don't make a lot of those types of purchases anymore. I have bought two pairs of shoes recently ($18 and $30 per pair) but prior to that I've only bought one pair of shoes (black clogs) since before Esther was born. Haven't bought a purse since I don't remember when although I have bought some clothes - but never anything frivolous.

I allocated some of it towards my mother's day present (um, about half of that would qualify as frivolous though) and I got a lot of use out of that before it turned so hot. And now I've found another use. I just joined the new gym that's near us that has CHILDCARE!!! I'll pay for all of the membership from our joint account since I don't think that joining a gym for $25 per month is frivolous. I wouldn't necessarily leave Ruthie in the childcare room, but I'll sure as heck take Esther. The rest of my stash will go towards a couple new sp.orts and a new pair of sneakers, purchased from a store that specializes in fitting sneakers - not from the thrift store. I might use the remainder towards some personal training sessions or I might just save it.

It makes me nervous to spend my stash though. I like having the security of having it and I like that it represents my thriftiness from selling stuff.

But mainly, I just like that it's mine!


MamaBird said...

Congrats, I like that you have a tangible record of yr thriftiness and could not be MORE jealous that you have a gym with childcare for $25/month. I don't believe you live near me ;) !!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

My little stash is slowly growing and I can't wait to buy my camera. This really has been a great exercise.

I have another post that I am working on about what I want to save for next!

And I am the same way with my little envelope on my dresser. *claws out*

Elaine said...

When I used to sell pottery, I used to stash all that cash and tell Ed it was my "private money" and even though there is nothing Ed would forbid me from buying, it made me not feel guilty about certain purchases. mom used to tell my dad her check was for the Talbot's bill and one other, I believe, and he had to pay for everything else. After all, her returning to work was "HER MONEY!".

Now that I make only minimal money on the pottery thing, I don't really have my "own money". This post makes me think I need to go get some.

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