Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ramona

Dear Ramona,

Oh yes, it is QUITE pathetic that you are 13.5 months old and we are just now writing your birthday letter. But it's okay because you have actually done some really, really cool things in the past 6 weeks and if we had written this on time, we wouldn't have been able to include these cool things.

You've been saying Da-da for several weeks now. You also seem to call Beezus "e-yuh" or "gah" but anything for Mommy has alluded you...until a couple days ago. You woke up in the morning and I went in your room to nurse you. After you finished you looked up at me and said as clear as a bell "Ma-ma." You repeated it again later that day and I'm sure we'll hear it with regularity again soon. You don't say any other words but get your point across well by pointing at what you want and shaking your head violently if we offer you the wrong thing.

You can safely be classified as a walker now as you're walking more than 50% of the time. You like using your spoon to try and feed yourself and depending on the food you are often successful. You imitate Beezus's play, moving cars back and forth on the floor and putting the animals in and out of the ark. You like to use a utensil to stir in a bowl - you've done it at home and at your sitter, Miss D.'s house. I'm not sure where you get that from though, because Daddy and I don't do much cooking that involves repeated stirring. You have continued to climb anything and everything and it drives me absolutely nutty.

You look for Beezus after you nurse and snuggle with me in the morning and a few days ago you distinctly walked up to Beezusand leaned in for a long hug and snuggle. However, you also regularly try to push Beezusout of my lap when she is sitting there having a book read. She willingly scoots over so she is just on one knee, but you clearly want the entire lap to yourself and so you keep pushing and whining. I think it's really funny that you are displaying sibling rivalry at such a young age!

As is the practice in our family, we had a low key birthday celebration - no moon bounces, Chuck E. Cheese or big parties for us. I made your cake myself and decorated it similarly to how your namesake, Grandma Ramona, decorated the cake for my 1st birthday.

Our elderly neighbor Ms. Dottie came over to have cake with us and brought you a gorgeous hand knitted poncho. Despite my best efforts though, you would not try on the poncho and since you were not feeling terribly well you also wanted absolutely nothing to do with this masterpiece of a cake.

You loved the presents you received. Thank goodness you have relatives to send you presents since we didn't and I had to go look in the basement for something to give you! (I did buy you a nice book a couple weeks later though!)

They held your rapt attention until you found the box that Aunt Sandy used to send her presents, which of course was so fun to climb into.

The box held your rapt attention until you and Beezus found an egg slicer. I should have just wrapped up the egg slicer and given it to you.

It's been fun to reflect on how your presence has changed our lives. For me, you've given me the opportunity to savor your babyhood, since we're pretty sure you'll be our last baby. Your presence also gave Daddy and I "permission" to decide that I would quit my job (permission because it was hard to financially justify doing so with only Beezus around). As scary as it was at the time to give up (temporarily?) my career, what a gift it has been to be able to focus most of my attention on you and your sister.
Thank you Ramona. Thanks for being our baby and for making Beezus a sister.


Sandy said...

And did Miss Ruthie climb on top of the radiator by herself? Amazing that she is a year old already!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Laurie said...

Yea! Happy birthday to you little one!
Enjoy some new milk :)

The Lowe said...

She can't be a year old already!

Elaine said...

Will you, by chance, be using one of the famous cake mixes for this?

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