Thursday, July 31, 2008

Budding Feminist Theologian

I don't know the details of feminist theology, but I know one when I see one. I have a friend from college who is a feminist theologian, and that's how I know.

Ruthie received a Fisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark for her birthday. (I LOVE Little People.) It's a version that has Noah and his wife (Rock on Fisher-Price). When I was showing it to them, I had to use google to look up the name of Noah's wife. Turns out, she didn't have a name - or at least not one that the writer of Genesis felt like sharing with us. Some scholars have speculated on her name and there's a series of religious books for children that I LOVE and one of them is about Noah's wife and so I just used that name, Naamah.

But as children do, they sometimes forget things... or perhaps it's that they know more than we do.

Here's Esther lining up the animals to go on the ark.

Here she is, explaining in her own words, the story of Noah and the ark.

Watch it again, what is she calling the character in her left hand?

Let me give you a close-up.

Here's the character she called God.

You go girl. You go.


Elaine said...

Atta girl, Esther! I knew one of the kids in the group was going to change the world.

sleepy_mama said...

Very sweet! I especially like it too that she put the wife in charge. I wonder where she learned that???

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