Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Anger (not) Unleashed

Things have calmed down. My new best friend, Mo, from American Pest Management came over yesterday to check out the house top to bottom, inside to out. And he found...nothing...except some spider eggs in the attic that he seemed concerned about. He treated the inside of the house and said it would kill anything in there. I'm relieved the problem isn't bigger, but I'm still worried about the 50+ bug bites (or what appears to be bug bites) on my torso area. 1/3 of my left bre.ast is covered in itchy red we.lts. That can't be good.

SHOCKINGLY, I called yesterday and got an appt. with my regular doctor tomorrow. So we'll see what he has to say.

I had two opportunities to go all Mr. T on someone and I passed the opportunity up both times. The first was at the "big mall" in the food court. I had taken the girls to have their picture made as a surprise for someone who recently gave us a big, huge, gigantic gift. Esther spilled her applesauce on the ground and the lady at the table next to us cleared her throat and looked pointedly at the ground. I wanted to go all Elaine on her, and here's what was in my head, "I think what you meant to say was 'Wow, you have your hands full and your little girl innocently spilled her applesauce on the floor. Let me get it for you.' at which I would say 'Wow, thanks, that's really kind of you.' " And then I would have turned my back to her and leaned over, sticking my big ol' butt in her direction and I would have cleaned up the applesauce myself. But what did I do? I said, "Thanks for pointing that out to me" and then I giggled. I am such a LAME ASS!!!!

The second opportunity was this evening when someone hit us from behind. I really, really wanted to go super crazy Mr. T on her and her stupid, stupid Mercedes Benz SUV, but I didn't. I didn't want to upset Esther and honestly, I kind of felt sorry for the lady. She really seemed sorry and I just thought about how much it would totally suck to hit someone from behind. And I just didn't want to release my negative karma into the universe. Don't get me wrong, if I had detected even a hint of bitchiness, I would have gone Mr. T on her. But I don't know, I just didn't want to put it out there. And, most importantly, Esther and I were find - we had slowed down because a car in front of us was turning into a gas station and thankfully the car that hit us was going slowly as well. Upside was that Esther got to see police cars and officers up close and personal and she was absolutely, positively beside herself.

I still reserve the right to go Mr. T at some point in the future though.


Sarah said...

What a DAY! I am proud of you for not going postal. People are just bitter... My advice: just glare them down, give a huge sigh WHILE rolling your eyes up to the sky, then slightly down to the left and calmly explain to your child that it was just an accident and it is ok. I find making someone who is put-out by my kids feel "guilty" is the BEST reward.
Mama deserves some time by herself. Line up that sister of yours to babysit and get out of there!

sleepy_mama said...

That picture of Mr. T is a classic. I think we should all carry around that picture to evoke our warrior women core strength.

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