Thursday, June 5, 2008


We're going on 20 hours without power. I've moved all the stuff from my fridge to a friend's spare fridge in her basement.

We've run a giant extension cord from a back yard neighbor to our house to power the deep freezer (that has the breast milk in it).

Pepco reports our power will be back likely tomorrow afternoon.

I'm throwing in the towel and we're going to a hotel tonight. The sleep state around our house is too fragile to risk people not sleeping well.

The girls have been rock stars, although Esther and I are both craving vegetables. Ola-baby (Esther's favorite doll) was lost for a few hours in the craziness. NOT. GOOD. Luckily David found her.

We're hanging in.


Sue said...

I hate it when the power is off. Miraculously, we did not lose power. Definitely go to a hotel. It's crazy. We lived for a week without once. It was nuts.

Laurie said...

Yiecks- has it come back on Ellen? I am just getting back in town and seeing this post. If you need a place for any of your frozen stuff including breast milk, let me know- we have a deep freezer.

John Stewart said...

Damn!! I hope the breast milk was still okay when you needed it after the freezing.

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