Monday, June 16, 2008


Why, why WHY on God's green earth would the kwikset company NOT include directions on how to install the deadbolt? WHY - what purpose does that possibly serve?!?!

Most of the renovation work on our "new" room is done, and my job yesterday and today was t install the "hardware." Hardware means the knob and locks. Shockingly enough, I'm actually kind of handy with that sort of thing. I've also done some minor electrical work and really want to take a plumbing class at the community college. Anyway...

I've just spent my PRECIOUS 45 minutes of free time (both girls napping) working on installing this &*^$ lock and I can't finish because of inadequate instructions. So now I've got the bottom lock installed and a great big hole in the door right above it where the deadbolt is supposed to go.

Ruthie is going to wake up any minute - times a wasting people!!! The message I hear when I call is that they are experiencing higher than usual call volume and I should visit their website for more information. I spent another 45 minutes on their website yesterday looking for directions and couldn't find them there either!!!

I'm calling there right now and they damn well better have a good explanation for this or else I'm going to go all WTF on them.

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