Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Walking

Our power came back a week ago Friday, but I'm having trouble catching up with life!

Ruthie is not walking yet, and David and I couldn't be more delighted. It's not that we wish any developmental delays on her, but it's nice to have the limitations of only a crawling baby instead of a walking baby. In fact, I wouldn't mind if she didn't start walking until mid-September, after the pool closes. I'm planning to take both kids to the pool three mornings a week and I think it will be a little easier if Ruthie isn't walking yet.

To that end, I haven't unearthed the walking toys from the depths of the basement. They were carefully disassembled after Esther was done with them and are waiting on a shelf. Since I don't want to encourage her to walk, I figured we'd just leave the walking toys alone until she was actually already walking.

Ruthie is clearly more clever than me.

Ruthie not walking from Ellen T on Vimeo.


Fiona said...

You know, if you turned the vaccuum on while Ruthie was pushing it ... or put dusters on the legs of the chairs ... she could be a great help around the house!

Elaine said...

Is that Ruthie mocking her mama? I remember when Connor did this with a step stool and I thought he was so clever. Go Ruthie! But please, do not, under any circumstances, inspire your friend Helen to walk. Sitting is a perfect activity for her. Our house is VERY scary!

Susan said...

and let's not mention the several seconds she spent balancing at the park the other day, with - perhaps, a step or two, in my direction - that certainly was just a part of my imagination!

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