Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dive In

In spite of my recent bout with anger, I have had one really cool experience recently. Beezus and I went to the pool for the first time this summer. Ramona was at the sitter's as I felt I needed to re-establish the lay of the land with just one kid for my first trip. We go to a lovely old school pool with lots of grass and play space - and best of all, the "little pool" is totally fenced in and secure as long as those darned big kids will close the gate behind them. And now that we have kids there are actually people to talk to. It was really kind of lonely going there before we had children.

I had waited until that morning to tell Beezus that we were going to the pool - I didn't want to risk that something would come up as it has practically every other time I've planned to go. Her eyes got really big and she opened her mouth into a little O and said "The pool? The pool Mommy? I wear my bathing suit?" It set a good tone for the day. It was a hot day and the water in the big pool was cold to jump into at first but then warmed up. Beezus was sitting on the side of the pool and I was showing off how Mommy can put her head under the water and she was thoroughly impressed. As I came out of the water I smelled the chlorine, saw the bright sun, felt the water lapping around my shoulders and I was instantly transported back to the late seventies and early eighties and remembered many a long summer day spent at the pool. I can feel the hot back seat of our red Ford LTD and the feeling of the road as we made our way to the Cascade Plunge swimming pool or the YMCA in Birmingham, Alabama. I can see the entrance to each of the pools and I can see the high dive, the merry go round, and the baby pool at the Cascade Plunge. I can see the diving well at the Y and remember the joy of getting my "Shark" or "Whale" card for successful completion of a level of swimming lessons. I remember the saltine crackers with peanut butter packed vertically (not on top of each other) in the light blue transluscent tupperware container. They were cold, so the tupperware container must have been in a cooler? (Mom, care to elaborate in the comments if YOU EVER READ THIS BLOG?!?!) I can see the pink plastic swim bag and the entrance cards clipped to the outside of the bag. But most of all, I remember that first dive into the water and the instructions to "just lean over and let yourself fall in" and the immense, immense pride when I was finally able to dive in.

I want Beezus and Ramona to have that experience - the joy in the familiar yet still exciting. I'm glad that we'll be able to experience that with them. Isn't that one of the absolute most greatest, greatest parts of being a parent? Being able to experience the joys of your childhood with your own children?

Isn't this the awesomest picture I found? This was taken at the first pool we belonged to in Birmingham, called Cascade Plunge. I was about 7 or 8.

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sleepy_mama said...

I LOVE that picture. Pure childhood bliss. I am so happy you have such wonderful memories that you can use to inspire your parenting...thanks for sharing.

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