Monday, June 30, 2008

Angry Update

Exterminator company coming on Tuesday afternoon for a thorough indoor/outdoor inspection including a bedbug inspection.

About 2 weeks ago David saw a rat in my neighbors yard and we told them. To my knowledge they haven't done anything yet! They are both in their sixties and are the absent minded professor types. They have THREE sheds/garages in their backyard (clearly built before our town had rules against that sort of ridiculousness) and since they are the absent minded professor type you can probably guess what's in them. One of them is a gardening shed, one of them is an office that you can barely walk in because it's full of papers and the other I think is storage - which probably means it's full of crap too. They also have knee high grass in their yard and a dead tree. They are also the loveliest, loveliest people which makes it more difficult for me to try and really strongly encourage them to CLEAN UP THEIR YARD ALREADY FOR GOD'S SAKES!!!

Anywho, the exterminator is going to inspect the yard for rat burrows and I'm going to accidentally push him into their yard (over our crappy temporary fence) so that he can inspect under their sheds. Woops!

A pest control website that I stumbled on strongly recommends decluttering (but not necessarily cleaning) as much as possible before an inspection. Aunt Susan is coming over this evening and tomorrow morning so I can declutter more. I'm a little concerned about this - I really need to get it under control. I went to VV last week for the first time in a month and I rarely buy more than 2-3 things when I'm there since my Lenten enlightment.

And for all you lucky readers: a poop update! I've also been feeding Ruthie very little table food and going back to mostly just pureed foods and fruits/veggies. She looks longingly at Esther's rice and lentils, but we have a little bit of encouraging action in the poop department today. Not a regular normal one, but at least some encouraging action. If you know what I mean. I would LOVE to see a great big poop that I used to groan about having to change.

I definitely still feel on edge though and my anger is still just below the surface. I pity, and I mean pity, the person who crosses me in the next couple days. I thought I heard an older woman in a restaurant today was giving me a "big sigh" when Ruthie was screeching and I had it all composed in my head what I was going to say to her: "I hear you sighing and I think what you mean to say is 'Your children are lovely and you certainly are being patient with the shrieking baby. Is there anything I can do to help?' at which point I will respond, 'Thanks for asking, but we're okay'." This was taken straight from here. Lucky for her she didn't sigh again after I had my comeback all composed in my head.

I'm just waiting to let it all out on some unsuspecting asshole who speeds on my street or doesn't yield to be in the crosswalk. I feel all like Mr. T "I pity da fool!"

Back to decluttering. Stimey - I'm using you for some inspiration!


Laurie said...

I have a about giving your neighbor your blog address...then they'll get the point and perhaps declutter! :)
Hope the next few days continue to improve.

Elaine said...

In Arlington, there is an entire County department dedicated to getting rid of rats. They will come out to your home free to inspect - but they will also - on request, visit anyone else you want visited, and give them a talking to and leave a note about everything they need to do to clean up their yard. How do I know? I've done it! Maybe PG has the same service.

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