Sunday, May 4, 2008

Whine, Bread, Cheerios and Meat

is what we had for lunch one day last week. It was a particularly noisy lunch and neither girl was happy.

Ruthie has mastered cheerios and has moved on to ground beef. With her low iron and spoon hatred, it's a logical choice. She did take several bites of pureed sweet potato off the spoon last week, but it only happened that one day and never again.

Now I know that I can only shoot video landscape, and not portrait. If you just kind of tilt your head to the side it's fine!

Untitled from Ellen T on Vimeo.


Sarah said...

Ruthie has Rod Stewart hair! So cute! Loved the video. Esther is a pro whiner

sleepy_mama said...

Esther, you are one cute kid!

Yes, I agree with Sarah, she's very good at whining...and licking bread?!?

Anonymous said...

I vow that whenever I am having a bad day I will watch this video - a Grandma cannot help but laugh.

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