Monday, May 5, 2008

Goal Setting

Another blogger I read talked recently of how she is going to start paying herself for some of her chores. I think this is a fantastic idea. For my Lenten sacrifice I successfully eliminated a couple of bad habits and never cheated, even ONCE! After Lent, I have picked back up one of the bad habits, but not the other. Now I want to permanently eliminate them both and give myself some tangible, immediate reward for doing so. Since we finally have nice weater, I've also been trying to walk some of my errands to get exercise, save gas money, and reduce our carbon footprint. Frankly, walking to lose weight is such a long-term thing that it's hard to see the benefits quickly. But I can certainly see the dollars add up $$$ka-ching!!! So from now on, you can see my counter on the right hand side of the page to see my resisting and how my dollars are adding up.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the money. I'm borrowing a friend's awesome Maclaren stroller and am using it to death (hey friend - we got to work out some sort of rental fee!) But after trying out my friend A.'s super fancy running stroller (she is a runner and the stroller was a gift, so it's totally justified in her case) I now want the double version. For all my running, you know. (My sister Sarah is about to pee her pants laughing right now.) But seriously, if I can raise some money by walking errands, then I actually think it could be justified.

P.S. I'm now realizing that a lot of my blog entries (including this one) are based on other people's ideas. I've got to think of some more original posts!


Sue said...

I like it!! It's so hard for me to justify spending money on myself... this way, I really feel like I am earning it.

I'll be watching your ticker!!

MamaBird said...

Ooh, I like this idea! And I am impressed that you're doing the Compact. I did Crunchy Chicken's no consumption month and I agree, it's kind of sticking. I thought I was restrained before but apparently I was deluding myself. Love your blog and look fwd to reading more installments. As for 'original posts', fugheddaboutit. Are there any original ideas?! What I need is a filter since I can barely get online. You sound sympatico, plz keep sharing what you are learning and doing -- I bet it's different from my slice of the universe.

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