Sunday, May 11, 2008


We've had several "firsts" in the past week around our house - and I think they are a pretty big deal.

Esther licked her first beater while we were making cookies. Prior to this, she's been afraid of the beaters because she is afraid of loud noises (hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, dustbuster, food processor, car wash). But on this day, she licked the beaters. Later that same day, she also tried her first bite of all beef, cooked at home, hot dog (on a whole wheat bun)


Esther spontaneously shared a toy with Sissy. She was sitting in front of this green dinosaur, Ruthie crawled up, and Esther said, "I move over for you Sissy." We've asked her in the past to make room for Sissy, but on this day, I hadn't said anything to her about sharing.

Later that same day, she also told her first lie. Ruthie was crying, I asked what was wrong and our conversation went something like this:
"I pull her leg like this" (pantomiming action)
"Did it hurt Sissy and make her cry?"
"Yes, I pull her leg like this."
"Well, when you hurt Sissy and make her cry, then you have to go to the naughty spot."
"I didn't, I didn't!!!"

(Esther is usually pretty willing to walk to the naughty spot without much protest and sit for 30 seconds or so.)

David also thinks he saw Ruthie stand by herself for a second or so, but I'm hoping that's not true!

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