Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Craig's List Karma

I try hard to perpetuate good Craig's List Karma. When I'm selling, I leave my computer on all day and respond immediately to e-mails. After 2-3 e-mails back and forth, I offer my phone number. I have the items clean and ready (actually, David helps me a lot with this) when people show up and I'm flexible when they are running late. If they buy a large amount, I usually round it down to the nearest $10. If they are coming from far away, and if the item they are interested in is transportable, then I offer to meet them at a location that saves them a little bit of time but isn't too inconvenient for me. Ikea is a favored meeting spot of mine, as it has covered parking.

I also try hard to perpetuate good karma as a buyer. I rarely express extreme interest without following through. I call the seller when I am leaving my house and I call again when I'm about 5 minutes away. I rarely ask for an extreme reduction in price - I want both of us to be happy with the sale. I try not to bring the girls with me and if I do have to bring them, I let the seller know.

I've also offered to let a woman return some maternity pants that she was unhappy with. She has never followed through and actually returned them though.

Therefore, it really, really makes me mad then when people do not remove their sold items from Craig's List. Or when they don't reply to my e-mail. Or when we exchange 9 e-mails back and forth and then they never reply to my last e-mail confirming our meeting time and location. It's interesting, the people who are the most reluctant to call me (or give me their phone number) are always the people who seem to fall through. To be sure, I've had some sales done entirely over e-mail, but of the sales that have fallen through at the last minute, they've never been willing to talk on the phone.

But man, oh man, was I the recipient of some kick-ass awesome good karma today. Stay tuned...


Elaine said...

Does this mean you got the kitchen?!? How can you leave us hanging like that?

sleepy_mama said...

YES! Do tell -- and give us a little history too on previous items you've bought and sold so that I can live vicariously through those deals. It's really painful to live in such a desolate (not to mention backward) part of the country -- last time I checked our city/town wasn't even on Craig's list.

Laurie, Scott, Zoe and Mia said...

I need some of that karma. We use Craig's List a lot but I can't seem to sell my armoire despite offers to help move it! Ugh!

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