Friday, April 25, 2008

Uh oh, it's bad

For the past few days I've been packing away Esther's clothes to save for Ruthie, and sorting through Ruthie's clothes in preparation for the fall co-op sale. My neighborhood friend J. told me that if you fold them really carefully and pack the bins full, but not too full, then any wrinkles in the clothes will disappear in the next couple months.

I decided to spend nap time today pulling out all of my "to sort" bins from the attic and start sorting to get an idea of whether I needed to purchase anything for the summer. Let me reiterate that the girls' clothes have either been purchased at the thrift store, at the neighborhood co-op sale, or for AT LEAST 60% off at Gymboree or the Gymboree outlet. AT NO TIME have I ever deviated from these stipulations, except for the occasional pair of knit pants or white t-shirt here or there. Oh, and of course they receive gifts.

Here's my internal monologue: Oh my, oh lordy. Hmm, this must be it. Wow, that's a lot of clothes, but manageable. (Stick head in attic) Oh no - there's more bins. Oh shit - David is going to KILL me!!!
I'm afraid to count, but it's bad. And it appears to be mostly sizes 3 and 4. And it's bad.


Sue said...

I could clothe all the children of a small Third World nation out of my attic. It is b-a-a-a-a-d.

Sandy said...

Ok Ellen, perhaps you should limit yourself to purchasing clothing no more than one size larger than the girls are currently wearing. By doing this you could still get the sales while at the same time preparing for next years weather. Just offering my two cents worth!

Marya said...

I loved this post because I could hear you saying it in my head. The post is written in the same meter that you talk. I can hear you saying, "Oh no, it's baaaad." Good luck.

whymommy said...

Yeah, it's bad. All over. I do the same hand-me-down from one child to the next, but then I have to pass on the little ones. Any one need a bunch of winter 12-18 month clothes for boys?


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