Thursday, April 24, 2008

Death and Comedy

As I was driving down the street today, I saw a cat pounce on a baby rabbit sink it's teeth into the rabbit's neck and then drag it away. It was sad, but I was okay until I thought about Esther's current favorite book, Bunny My Honey and realized that the Mommy Rabbit will be looking for her baby and she will be worried. And then I was really sad. When David or I read this book to Esther we act out the parts where the Mommy and the Baby are looking for each other and their reunion.


Some mornings while we're trying to get out the door, I feel like this whole mothering gig is like a one woman show and Ruthie and Esther are my audience. After David does Esther's breakfast, I'm cajoling, entertaining, and generally trying to keep everyone happy so that Esther will go "poopies" and get dressed in a quick fashion so that I can get her to school and get back home before Ruthie falls asleep in the car or on the walk. About half of the time, they are a great audience and laugh in all the right spots. The other half, Esther is like the drunk heckler, raising her voice and saying to me, "Stop singing"; "Don't say that;" "No talking, only eating;" or some other command. Today I got a standing ovation for pretending that it was raining outside (it's beautifully sunny today) and that we needed to get rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats.

She said, "You funny Mommy. Ha ha you funny." And that was all the encouragement I needed (then I broke into the dance sequence from Oklahoma).

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