Friday, April 11, 2008


While I was unloading stuff for the consignment sale, David reported that Ruthie ATE, as in ingested and swallowed, a piece of hard bread and 15 Puffs (kind of like cheerios). Also, when she was at the sitter this morning, she drank an ounce of apple juice that had the iron supplement in it.

I've also decided to take the weekend off from spoon feeding. I'm hoping she just kind of forgets about her negative association with it and we'll start again on Monday.

Wow, I feel so much better.
Update on 4/19/08
Here's a picture I've added today of Ruthie eating a zwieback. She's not thrilled, but at least she's making an attempt!


vickie2005 said...

Maybe when you feed her she's like "What's the deal, mommy? Your goodies are better than anything else!!"

sleepy_mama said...

Yeah, Ruthie! Congrats to David on his execution. Did you pick up some beef jerky?

Sandy said...

Ruthie may just go right to table food and skip the whole baby food stage altogether. You could try introducing more finger foods that she won't need a spoon for...toasted cheese sandwiches were popular with Laura. No need to add the extra butter for grilling, just toast the bread, put some cheese on it and zap in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the cheese. Cut into tiny pieces and I bet she will eat them. You can use whole wheat breads or whatever you feel comfortable with. What about a bowl of rice and lentils like Esther eats?

Fiona said...

Woo hoo! One small step for Ruthie, one giant sigh from mommy!

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