Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've often commented to family and friends that I have to really concentrate to keep up with Esther's many, many rules as they are ever changing. Here's a sampling:
  • No sit there. Daddy's seat.

  • No singing.

  • No dancing.

  • No talking.

  • No moving yo head (this was after I had already stopped singing, dancing, and talking and was just kind of bobbing my head.)

  • No Sissy.

  • Put Sissy down.

  • Sit there.

  • Nooooooooooo, sit over there!

  • Mommy do it.

  • Mah do it. (Mah = I, as in Esther)
They seem to come up particularly when she's tired and we're giving her a lot of directions. I find it helpful in these moments to ask her several yes/no questions and let her tell me what to do. For example, I may ask her if I'm allowed to go to the bathroom, if I can use some toilet paper, and if I can wash my hands. Luckily, she usually says yes.

This evening she was having a hard time and we could do NOTHING to please her. I let her choose between green beans and peas for dinner. She chose peas (these are much more expensive than the big bag, but they cook up so quickly and nicely!) and I popped them in the microwave. Lo and behold when I brought them out for us to eat, she no longer wanted the peas. We tried to entice her, but she would have no part of it. So I said,
"Well, Daddy and I are hungry, so we are going to eat our peas."
To which she replied:

Point taken - I'll add that to the list of rules.


The Lowe said...

Oh, I hear ya! We have a similar (and ever growing) set of rules to abide by.

Sarah said...

This is hysterical. I love it that she tells you to quit singing and dancing!

Marya said...

OH MY GOSH! THANK YOU so much for posting this. I thought I was going insane with David and his "rules". Man, he just wants to see what he has influence over and what he doesn't. We are having quite the time trying to decide what is worth fighting over and what isn't. I feel like EVERY time I turn around the kid seems to be screaming some sort of order or saying NO to our requests. I am so grateful to be reassured that this is normal. Misery LOVES company. I know this is all normal but, man, I am starting to understand where the "terrible" comes from in terrible-twos (although I hate the phrase "terrible twos" I do COMPLETELY understand where is comes from). Hang in there.

Thrift Store Mama said...

I really, really try to say YES whenever I possibly can. It's so hard though when the instinct is to say NO often because YES often means more trouble or effort for me!

Anonymous said...

Some of us in Ellen's family have been trying, from time to time, to get her to quit singing. Where did Esther get all that power?

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